Tilco Industrial Group

Tilco Industrial Group is the first and the largest manufacturer of modern intelligent archive systems and office supplies. It was established in 1999 in the city of Hamedan, Bu-Ali Industrial Co., using its experts and experienced staff in engineering, planning, manufacturing, financial and Administrative and day-to-day machines to start producing and supplying customers with a variety of archival systems and office supplies (all types of intelligent electronic, electronic and rail archives, archive files, management desks, conferences, decoration, partitions, etc.). Due to the principle of customer orientation and belief in quality policy and after-sales service, in the short term it managed to attract more than 100 official dealers in the country.

Telco is proud to present its products to the market with optimal quality and variety in static powder paints and the use of technology in various designs and sizes. Our high quality products and prices are good for our honors. Tilco Industrial Group personnel believe that using the expertise and technical knowledge and management role can be effective in supplying the needs of our customers in the industry of our beloved country.

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