Manufacturer of the most versatile partition in the country

Double  partition with blind shutter Glass partition with three simple, clean, and sandblasting models in different designs and colors tailored to your environment.

If you decide to partition the interior decoration of your home or office, be sure to see examples of models in this section. Design and model looks beautiful and stylish. Gender and texture are a major factor in alive the designs.
In fact, some colors can provide a beautiful companion only if they are placed in the proper shape and texture

There is always no need for a brick wall to partition space in interior decoration, sometimes partitioning, in addition to separating and dividing the available space

It also helps you decorate interiorly. Basically it is used for partitioning from wood, metal, glass or curtain fabrics and many more

But what matters is how to design and construct these decorative walls that require cleverness and ideation.


Ability to build in different designs and dimensions

The ability to apply glass in 3 simple groups, securit and sandblast (with a variety of design)      

Ability to install blind shutter with volume adjustment mechanism in the middle and outside of the double-paneled partitions