Tilco Industrial Group. Manufacturer of Rail Archives. Smart archive Rotating archive. categorizing . Partition and office supplies. 

Our goal is to improve the quality of your work environment

Manufacturer of various office furniture, archival systems and inventor of intelligent archive systems

Rail archive

Mechanical racks are one of a kind of mechanical rack rails . On the mechanical rack

The propulsion force of the archiving rack on the rails is the mechanical force through the rails of the racks.

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بایگانی ریلی گروه صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group produces various archiving systems, rail archiving system.

Rail Archives, Rail Rail Archives , Intelligent Rail Archives , Automatic Rail Archives .

Rail archive wardrobe, Rail archive file , Moving rail archive, Railroad wardrobe.

Rail rack, Three-piece railing archive rack, Mechanical rail archive.

Lock archive file , Rail archive , Electronic rail archive.

Smart archive

The highest possible level of security, archiving space optimization .

Perform the entire process of archiving under network and central software .

Ability to save and archive types of folders . Unlimited file and office requisites in any size and size.

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بایگانی هوشمند گروه صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group manufactures a variety of intelligent archives.

Intelligent Enterprise Archive , Corporate Intelligence Archive .

Intelligent archive systems . Archive Archive, Automatic Archive ...

Rotating archive

Increase system capacity as the number of archive classes increases. The ability to access and replace files quickly, ensuring the maximum archive capacity with minimum time. Securing files using encrypted locking system.

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بایگانی دوار گروه صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group manufactures rotary archives. Rotating Archive Tilco , Rotary Archive .

Circular archives, circular archives , multi- store archives and ...

Warehouse shelving

The most common archiving system is its ability to combine with other types of shelving systems . It has a metal structure for durability and toughness of archival systems.

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قفسه بندی انبار گروه صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group manufactures various types of mechanical rail racks and various types of archiving systems. High quality and most affordable prices . Rail Archives, Rail Rail Archives, Intelligent Rail Archives, Automatic Rail Archives.

Three-piece template , mechanical rail archive, archive file . Rail rack shelf , Electronic Rail Archives.

office Partition

The ability to build in different designs and dimensions, the ability to apply glass in three simple groups,

Securit and SandblastThe ability to install blind shutter with a volume setting mechanism, 

in the middle and outer parts of the two-seater partitions

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پارتیشن اداری گروه صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group produces all kinds of partitions. Simple partition , double partition .

Wooden partitions , Office partitions , Shutters, blinds . Glass partitioning .

In three simple, clean, and sandblasting models in different designs and colors tailored to your environment.

Administrative requirements

Types of office furniture , office chairs , schools , Ergonomic tableFour base and manufacturer of the most diverse administrative supplies including folders , zuncans , boxes and ...

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ملزومات اداری گروه صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group Producer of table and chairs , managerial chair .

Preschool chairs , school chairs .Medical chair , waiting chair , work chair .

Ergonomic chair , four- seat chair , industrial chair. Classical chairs, folders and knobs , boxes and ...

Rail and fixed library

Manufacturer of office furniture and libraries , simple. On the table , wall , small, MDF . Wooden , Fantasy , Standing , Modern , Stylish .

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کتابخانه ریلی و ثابت گرو صنعتی تیلکو

Tilco Industrial Group produces various library models, simple library , desktop library . Small library

MDF Library , Metal Library , Modern Library . Stylish library , Standing library , Wall library .

Wall Library . Wooden, fantasy library .

Tilco Industrial Group manufactures a variety of wardrobes,

metal dressing gowns , rail closet . Dressing room 15 doors , library racks , library cabinet ,